Outdoor Living

The shift to quality

Lifestyles have changed over the years, the movement towards eating healthy,enjoying the outdoors and  backyard entertaining have many consumers forgoing the Box Store BBQ's and investing in quality lifetime grills and accessories. We carry Stainless steel lifetime grills from BULL and  JACKSON GRILLS as well as the PRIMO line of made in the USA Ceramic Kamado Grills. The nice thing is all of these manufacturers recognize that not everyone cooks dinner for 6 people every night so offer grills ranging from table top size to massive 7 burner models.  Regardless of whether you want a grill for camping, a grill for the patio of your condo, a large grill for backyard entertaining or want to create a true outdoor kitchen you will find the perfect lifetime grill at the Wood & Energy Store.

Investing in a quality grill means that you wont have to replace it every few years plus they are easier to control the heat on, are easier to clean, heat up faster and are an absolute pleasure to cook on.