Fireplace Inserts

The Perfect Solution For Your Old Fireplace

If you live in a home built prior to 1981 and have a woodburning fireplace the odds are it is a built on site masonry fireplace. Even with folding glass doors these fireplaces consume huge amounts of energy. They draw warm air from your home when not in use if your home has positive air pressure or seep ice cold air into your room if the home has negative pressure.  Light a fire and not only does most of the heat created by the burning wood go up the chimney but so does all the warm combustion air from your room as the upward draft strengthens when the fire and chimney get hotter.

A fireplace insert is the perfect solution, it converts your old masonry fireplace to an energy efficient gas fireplace with either a modern, linear or traditional look. If you still like wood burning though you can convert your old fireplace to an energy efficient wood burner with a wood burning insert. Either way, its surprisingly cost effective, far less disruptive than removing your fireplace and installing a new one and in one day you will go from having the air you pay to heat all winter go up the chimney to staying where it belongs and keeping you warm.