Electric Fireplaces

A New Design Option

Over the past 5 years electric fireplaces have changed dramatically and as many people downsize, rightsize, move to  condominiums or simply like the idea of a fireplace in one of the rooms of their home that would be difficult to add a traditional unit to they have grown tremendously in popularity. Electric fireplaces now range from traditional mantel style, to wall mount styles up to 7 feet long to some that even  project the flame through water vapor giving an absolutely perfect rendition of a real flame.  These units are at home in the smallest of bedrooms and the largest of penthouse suites

Electric fireplaces are not just for show either, virtually all have built in heaters so though they wont heat a room like a gas or woodburning fireplace would they will definitely take the chill off.  If you are looking for an electric fireplace that is a step above what you might find in a big box store then drop by either of our stores and take a look at what we have on display.