Yearly Gas Fireplace Maintenance.

We often get calls this time of year from customers asking what they need to do to maintain their gas fireplace and if they should have us come out and do preventative maintenance.  Gas fireplaces either work and look good or they don't. If your flame appears to be ok and your fan is working there is nothing to tune up. If you flame is dancing, is blue instead of orange....or all orange with no blue a tune up would help it burn more efficiently. Basically, the only time you need to call for service is when the fireplace looks bad or stops working.

The one thing that you can do though that will make a world of difference in the way it looks and prevent future problems is to clean your fireplace glass.  Its easy to do if you use the right product.  Do not use any commercial window cleaners with ammonia or soap additives as while they will get the glass clean they do not react will to heat and you will etch the glass permanently.  A ceramic cook top cleaner can work but depending on its formulation could also end up etching the glass. The best thing to do is to pick up a bottle of glass cleaner made specifically for gas fireplaces. It applies very much like car wax where you wipe it on, allow it to dry and buff it off.  The glass front of your fireplace will need to be removed to clean the inside as well as the outside of the glass. Consult your owners manual for instructions on glass removal.

Gas fireplace glass cleaner is always available at both of our stores. Its an inexpensive and remarkably easy way to brighten the look of your fireplace and prevent the build up over time that causes permanent non cleanable fogging of the glass.

Posted September 4, 2014