This years hottest trend

This years hottest trend is the outdoor chat table.  Not only do we have several in stock but you will also see them at several big box retailers. Whether you are looking for something to use sparingly or plan on spending a lot of time outside with it there is something for everyone. BUT, what is right for you ? If what you are looking for is basically just a table with the added bonus of having a flame you may want to look at the box stores, the tables are inexpensive and while the flames and burners are anything but impressive, for very occasional use many people are fine with them.

If you are looking for a table with an efficient burner that will give dramatic flame, that is constructed out of top  quality materials and that will look as good on your deck 3 years from now as it does the day you install it you'll want to visit a specialty retailer.  We have several of these units on display.  Most of our customers demand the aesthetics of a high quality table but ALL of them demand a flame that truly is the highlight on any balcony, patio or rooftop deck. Because of this, all of the units we have on display are ready to burn. Pick one with the style of burner you like (square, round or rectangular) and ask us to light it. We'll fire it up and you can decide what you like based on what you really see, not just a photo shop picture.

Your options of tables to mate with the burners seems endless so really the most critical part of your decision is to pick the burner style that you love the most. Not only do we sell entire packages, for the DIY crowd we also sell burners in virtually every style and configuration including custom so if you have a design in mind and want to build that dream chat table area, drop by and see what we have. You'll be amazed at your options.

Before you buy a chat table anywhere else based on the picture on a box, or a Photoshop picture of a flame, drop by either of our store where stock is excellent and you really can, try before you buy. 


Posted June 11, 2015