Renovation Show Sale

The Renovation show is coming up on January 27,28 and 29. This means that the Wood and Energy Store annual "Own Show" is now on. While we could get a booth at the renovation show and try to get a couple of gas fireplaces hooked up its just not the same as seeing the fireplace or stove you want in a setting similar to your own home. Between our two stores we have more than 80 burning fireplaces to look at . Whether you lean to traditional , to ultra modern linear, to a wood stove or even an electric fireplace you can see exactly what the unit looks and burns like before you take it home.

This Sale only happens once a year and its big.

Until February 3rd ALL heat & Glo is 20% off. From the entry level builders version to the top of the line Primo, you will save 20% including all accessories.  This sale ends on February 3 and will not be carried over so don't miss it

If you've given up trying to sell your home, or have decided that now is just not the time to move, then Upgrade your home in the most affordable long lasting way possible. Do it now and not only will your home value increase when you decide to sell it but you will have the good fortune of enjoying your new fireplace at prices that you will probably not see again for many years.



Posted January 25, 2016